Stay alert!

Only YOU can prevent the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

(Just kidding, no one can prevent the zompocalypse- but you can become better prepared simply by following this webcomic…)



We are proud to be part of the famous anti-zombie 501c3 non-profit organization “Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians” (the CLAW), and we heartily encourage fans of this page to donate to the CLAW scholarship fund. The CLAW has provided a growing cash scholarship to a few lucky starving art students each year since 2008.

And now, a change:

We at “TZA” regret to inform our followers that we can no longer provide free artwork and design services to deserving related fan groups, as it has been brought to our attention that this is not always appreciated. Therefore, we shall do no more shout-outs, free advertising, or free artwork for any fan groups. Although it is entirely likely this is the effect of a single bad apple spoiling the entire barrel, rest assured- that barrel is now indeed spoiled.