Putting first things first isn’t easy for most people.

There’s a huricane closing in on the Eastern US and alot of people have made the grocery (beer) store run.  People buy some canned food, batteries, beer, and whatnots.  Things they should already have on hand.  One news story talked to a woman who was upset that she had tried 6 different stores looking for a flashlight.

The reality is that if you do not have the mindset and personal self-worth to have a flashlight with batteries in your house everyday of the week – then nothing bought in the run up to a huricane will be of any serious use to you.  If you are not willing to take responsibility for being prepared for huricanes when you live on the Eastern or Gulf coast of the US (or earthquakes, or tornados, or civil unrest, or meteors, or zombies) then no amount of panic shopping will compensate. 

End rant.

Now the really important stuff –

We will be giving away a few prizes soon!  Challenge coins and limited edition prints!

Stay tuned!



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