As we are currently scheduled, we release and post a 4-5 panel color TALES FROM THE ZOMBIE APOCLYPSE comic every Thursday. Being that we have almost two years of weekly strips written and storyboarded, it is possible that we may be able to add simpler 3-panel black-and-white strips for a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday release (sorry, no new strips on weekends!) This will not effect the color comic, which will continue to be released on Thursdays.

Do you want to see more TZA during the week? The choice is yours- comment below.

If readers are interested in having us add a M/T/W/F black-and-white schedule to the mix, please let us know by posting a comment on this very post, saying something like, “Yes- we want more TZA!”

(We figure if we get at least 250 likes on this post or 25 comments asking us to do this, we will go ahead and release mid-week comics.)

 Conversely, if you feel that adding four black-and-white 3-panel strips every week will dilute the message of the Thursday color comic, simply post something like, “Hell, no. There’s enough zombie crap on the web already, and we can only barely stomach the Thursday strip as it is!”

Whatever the choice, the decision is ultimately yours…