The DOW tanked, gold spiked, huricanes, aftershocks, inflation, recession, rogue nuke concerns, and a 3 day weekend.


Behind the scenes here at Jinxmedic Studios:

We sent 1000 flyers and 2 challenge coins off the DragonCon.

Had the opportunity to give a coin to Abney Park’s own Robert Brown.

Awarded a second coin to the Dagmar Peterson – she will be at the Puyallup fair this year – check her out if you’re local.

Gave a store coin to the team at Bull’sEye here in Tacoma, because they’re awesome – and repairing my S&W Model 10.

And have one ready to send out to the team at ZEST in a patch exchange.  (Should have gone out on Thursday).

And we’re informed that a coin has found its way to the managerial /editorial offices of a major comic publisher.  Not allowed to leak any more on this – but I’m hyped.


Our goals this week:


Prepping for winter garden.

Add a B&W 3-panel cartoon to the schedule Tuesday.

Make duck sauce from harvested Italian plums.


Your goal for the week:


Buy a first aid kit or restock your current kit.

And take you BOB everywhere this week.  Get a feel for its weight and mobility.  Then reassess the contents.