The Greater Cascadia Quarentine Zone is not in fact sovereign, but is instead inspired by FEMA Region X. And is under the jurisdiction of the INTEGRATED ZOMBIE ERADICATION AND CONTAINMENT COMMAND.


    Each Thursday comic takes about 1 hour to sketch, 5 hours to ink, and another 4 hours to color and touch up.

This comic, freelance projects, our local cartoon, Church, elderly parents, and he works a full time job. My hero.


     Someone sent an email asking “Why Marines?”

Um, former Navy Corpsman here – thought that would be obvious, but here’s the thought process:

We choose Marines as the primary service for the cartoon because I have always had good friends in the Corps. Because Marine disciple will make the difference in a future/alternate reality situation that includes zombies. And because the artist had the honor to hang out with a group of Marine’s on his last deployment to Afghanastan.

     Me thinks the writer answered too quickly. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 specifically prohibits only the ARMY from operating domestically in a law enforcement role. Hence, the use of the Marines in the comic. (You may remember the Public Health team’s surprise at finding an Army checkpoint in the second strip….) Besides, succeeding administrations seem less and less interested in following the law, so I would imagine that during the ZOMPOC all this would be out the window, anyways. Signed, the artist.


    Here at TZA we post a new color comic on Thursdays, plus the occasional blog during the week. We are working up to a daily black and white comic with 1 color comic a week.

The basic concept behind the comic is the daily life in a zombie quarentine zone AFTER the apocalypse becomes old news. This is an alternate universe that builds on significant events in the past few decades and extrapolates the “what if” changes to include zombies.


    In writing TZA, it never occured to me to deviate history befor 9/11.

Of course 9/11 happened in the cartoon back story.

It so shaped me, my family, the artist, and every person now serving in the military that to write a military cartoon without it was never even considered.

The Marine Corps Blog said yesterday that “We are the 9/11 generation.”