Just after I returned from a deployment in 2009, we developed the first sketches for what was eventually to become “Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse”. The following two sketches were used to help secure the book deal- but it wasn’t until this summer that we actually launched the strip. (We had to have two years of material storyboarded out before getting the “green light” to launch.)   I know, these two character sketches show a “Z” on a shoulder patch- please don’t sue us. We present these two sketches for HISTORICAL PURPOSES ONLY, and similiarity to a certain other zombie comic is purely coincidental.




A 2009 character sketch for what was to become TZA.

This federal counter zombie team was split into seperate Uniformed Public Health and USMC teams before the comic was launched.

Another TZA character study from 2009

I really, really don't like this drawing- but the WRITER insisted that I include it in this "Flashback Friday" posting...