We attended the “Zombie Squad” local chapter meeting this past Saturday, and were presented samples of the new Birchwood Casey “Darkotic” Zombie Splatter targets to test.

We at TZA are great fans of B-C’s “Shoot-N-C” targets, and to find that Birchwood Casey had extended the “splatter technology” to a zombie target, we were quite pleased. If you recall, the original “Shoot-N-C” targets are printed on a plasticized adhesive film with a frangible ink that flakes away from the point of impact- making it quite easy to see hits- even from some distance.

Our primary complaint regarding the conventional full-color paper zombie targets is that it is exceedingly difficult to see where you have hit, which is why we have tended to use the adhesive “Shoot-N-C” dots over the vital areas of the conventional paper zombie targets, which although effective, detracts from the ambiance of using a zombie target.

The new “Darkotic” zombie targets effectively solve this dilemma, as they are printed in full color using the same film and frangible ink concept of the “Shoot-N-C” target-, but without the adhesive back. After an evening on the range, we are happy to report that these targets work exceedingly well. Hits are as easy to see as with the “Shoot-N-C” adhesive targets, and the large surface area allows you multiple points of aim after completing your mandatory counter-zombie double-tap head shots. In fact, we proceeded to take out the entire central nervous system of our test zombie:

A fully field-tested Birchwood-Casey Darkotic splattering zombie target. It works quite well, in fact.

(The .45 ACP hits on the extreme left and right of the torso were done when the target was freely swinging. So there.)


The “Darkotic” splatter targets are currently available from mail-order retailers such as “Cheaper than Dirt”. Our recommendation is to nag your local sporting goods retailer into stocking these- that way your spending dollar continues to help benefit your local small business environment.