Writers Guidelines for The Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse: Blog
Last Edited:  Nov 21, 2011


The following are meant to serve as guidelines for The Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse: Blog (hereafter “TZA: Blog”), located online at http://zombpocalypse.cartoonistsleague.org/.  These guidelines are a work-in-progress and subject to change as required by circumstance.   If you have suggestions or ideas about improving or clarifying them, please contact one of the members of the editorial team (see below).

We are currently open to new writers, product reviewers, and photo essays: subject to approval by the editorial team.  Interested contributors must submit a sample post of 200-500 words or a link to an established body of work to the editorial team for review.  All contributors are required to have their own website, blog, or photo hosting account.  Interested contributors should email Chy Mausheim with your website or blog url or photo hosting site and your preferred email address so that if accepted you can be listed as a contributor to the TZA: Blog.  We encourage writers to include a brief biography with their first accepted article or photo essay, and a photo if they wish. 

We aim to post content that is within a very specific sub-catagory of SHTF, TEOTWAKI, Zombie Apocalypse preparedness genre.  “It’s all about surviving UNTIL the apocalypse!”  We accept that the majority of our intended market is of an above average intelligence and capable of doing their own research if a subject is interesting to them – as such we expect article to:

1. be a shotgun of all available information on a subject in a fast reading, informative, and photo heavy spread designed to wet the appetite and send the reader off searching for more info. ie: a picture for each of 7-12 different home-built fuel/alcohol stoves,
2. be a very detailed post on one very specific sub-subject within a a field of possibles.  ie: why the Coleman brand folding sterno stove deserves (or doesn’t) a place in you BOB.
3. present first person information in a manner that will either immediately improve the readers quality of life or help the reader to not make a mistake.  ie: “how to make powdered milk taste yummy,” or, “rodents chewed through my BOB!”

We are not looking for articles or content on actual PAW events or practices. If you think your idea or article has a current value, please ask.
No “How to amputate your own arm,” or anything currently illegal.
No actively, openly, or deliberately religious or political artcles.  Although well reasoned and research articles on current and timely subjects that directly impact the reader will be considered if bluntly labeled as opinion.  ie “Why I think Prop XXX will result in loss of ammo availablity.”

All submissions should have useful content, there has to be a take-away or reason to have read the post.

We prefer a friendly, active voice and are not very interested in snarky or smug article POVs.

We request that you refrain from casual or careless insults or bigotry.  No blanket stereo-types will be allowed.  ie: avoid sweeping generalizations about the experiences, opinions or practices of individuals or groups.
Colorful Language

The editorial team is split on the use of colorful, off-color, cuss, and curse words.  Your best bet to be very certain the word is needed in the context you are using it.

Length of Posts
Posts should generally be less than 1,000 words, mostly to reflect the fact that blog readers tend to skim rather than attentively read very long posts. If you have a topic that you wish to write about at length, please consult the editorial team first.
Current Editorial Team

Chy Mausheim, talesfromthez@comcast.net


We are not currently paying  for unsolicited articles. 

Unsolicited articles that are accepted will be given a link back to the writer’s own website and or blog, Facebook recognition with link back, and a permanent(ish) bio note with link back as a contributor.

The comic will become a book in 2013, we are intending to use selected blog articles within the book.  If you would like your article to be used within the book, payment would be upon publication and in copy.  Payment for articles used in the book may fairmarket rate by 2013 – but we are not currently promising this as it is dependant on outside financial factors.

Acceptance to the TZA: Blog does not imply or grant acceptance to the TZA: Book.  ie: we will not publish your article in the TZA: book without contacting you and getting you approval, and we make no promise that we will consider your article for the TZA: Book.