Are you ready for QZ-CON?  Remember, over 36 hours of classroom instruction will be available at QZ-CON through the CQZ-IZC Continuing Education Program- with CEU’s awarded. You know you want to turn one of those CE certificates in with your next Continuing Education packet, don’t you?


Learn individual and family preparednes skills at QZ-CON 2013!

QZ-CON is the place to learn practical skills for surviving the coming zombpocalypse. (Also, it just makes good sense to be prepared.)


Classes are all nominally one hour in length, (some course subjects are covered in furthering detail through several class periods), and many classes are repeated in the morning and afternoon so you can schedule your own personalized program of instruction.

What kind of classes? Glad you asked!

We will have classes on:

-Building your Bug-Out Bag

-Family Emergency Preparedness

-Disaster preparedness for children

-Introduction to firearms safety

-Basic Gold Panning for beginners (with lab!)

-Shoot/don’t shoot -identifying threats

-Surviving personal disaster in emergencies PTSD/CISD

-Introduction to 2-way radio communications for emergencies

-Introduction to self defense through martial arts

-How to survive a riot

-Bugs of the Bug Out (introduction to survival and pandemic entomology)

-Precious metal investing for hard times

-Special postapocalyptic survival for women

-Bug Out Vehicle Lab (parking lot, ongoing)

There are many, many more classes, please check the event website for updates. Final class roster will be posted one week before the event. Sign up for all classes is on the day of instruction, Saturday the 28th of September 2013.