A word on rabbits as pets:

Rabbit- plotting.

With these ears, I can hear everything that you do.


Bunnies!! They are so cute! Before you rush out and get yourself a long eared friend, please read this:
Rabbits have a home range of roughly 3 square miles in the wild. Taking an animal like that and confining them to a two foot by four foot cage ( or smaller) is only acceptable if you plan on providing the rabbit daily (at least 2x daily) with ‘floor time’ in a safe bunny proof area of at least 10 x 10 feet, for at least 40 minutes at a go. An outdoor run is ideal.

Note- rabbits shit all the time everywhere, even when using the litter pan in the cage, let them out and coco puffs for everyone. Also they chew, on walls, clothes, wires, whatever they can get a hold of. They have the personality of an asshole.
That’s right, rabbits are pretty much assholes. They are cute and fluffy and not in any mood to be picked up or cuddled. Let me repeat that: rabbits are a prey animal and don’t like to be picked up. So, all that fuzzy cuteness, wasted. Also, it makes them a ‘not so nice’ pet for young children. My suggestion is buy your kid a guinea pig. Guinea pigs shit less, don’t bite or scratch and don’t mind at all about being picked up or handled. Rabbits on the other hand will try and kill you.


Rabbits looking for something expensive to chew on.

But we’re soooo cute!


A one year old rabbit needs two cups of fresh veggies daily, hay, and almost no pellets. They need a salt lick, and a few fruits. They need shots every year and their nails trimmed monthly- not fun. This pet is high maintenance, with a low return (in my opinion) in love and affection- ( because they are a prey animal and are born with PTSD) Perfect for an adult, not so hot with kids and loud noises- also this can be a ten year commitment.

Rabbits are awake and active pre dawn and about an hour before sundown. That means if you put them in your room your ass is waking up at 5am. Feeding them twice daily with treats in between is the way to go. Allowing them access to hay all day is also recommended.
Please think long and hard about getting a rabbit, they do flourish under proper care, however due to their nature allot of them spend their lives in a cage without the proper care. That’s pretty shitty as that’s like you as a human being confined to a closet and thrown food daily, often times not the right kind of food to provide you with good health.

If you are thinking about getting a pet, like a rabbit or ferret, take a minute and call a rescue shelter devoted to that animal ( not the humane society or pet store ) and ask them why those animals get surrendered and what is the proper care and what kind of vet bill is that animal going to rack up? These simple questions may save you and a future pet some heart ache.

Also adopting from a rescue shelter is so much better them buying one at the B and I.


Rabbit plotting the gruesome death of it's owner

I am rabbit. I am watching you- and I will kill you in your sleep.

L. Pierce

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