You have found the primary location of  the TALES FROM THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE web comic.

What does this exactly mean?

The comic itself posts every SUNDAY (with an occasional bonus strip every now and then) We have recently transitioned to a watercolor-tinted strip, and older posts that were electronically colored will be remastered as watercolored strips as time goes on. (Don’t worry, we’ll keep the old one on the page, too.)

 On other days of the week, you may find the following on the blog:

Some Mondays, we offer a “Monday Morning Tip”  (highlighting helpful ways to improve your standard of living while sequestered inside the quarantine zone.)

Tuesday may have a “Weekend Recap“, with a photographic record of whatever weekend misadventures may have occured.

On certain Wednesdays we will present a “Hump Day” special (a focus on exercise, health, and money)

Fridays are “Flashback Fridays”, where we post a relevant item from one of the sketchbooks. (Warning! Some of this material goes back thirty years- most is timeless, but some may be – well,  dated…)

If we have extra time during the week, Live Intel reports are presented in the “Saturday Sitrep”, a non-political assesment of current real-world threats.

 We look forward to sharing all of this with you, it has been many, many years in the making. Please feel free to comment. (We have a habit of leaving the troll comments up, just because we find them highly amusing…)